The rich natural surroundings of Watersley Sports & Talent Park are an inviting environment allowing talented sportspeople to go for gold. Everyone who wants to can make a contribution, whether you’re from the education sector, the business community, the provincial and municipal governments, or other organizations; and whether you’re established in your field or just re-entering the labour market. The accomplishments of the outstanding sportspeople who stay here will be something that everyone involved in Watersley Sports & Talent Park can celebrate and be proud of. The Olympic philosophy that participating is more important than winning results in a win-win situation all round.

Watersley Sports & Talent Park is a fantastic environment where young people and their coaches and mentors are encouraged to discover and show their talents.

Talents and qualities in every field complement and add value to the top-level sports talent already here. Whether your background and interests are academic or more practical in nature, the opportunities for employment and training are legion. Horticultural workers, dieticians, handymen, receptionists, interior designers, hostesses, travel advisers, sports massage therapists, physiotherapists, sports doctors and physiologists, swimming instructors, coaches, and activities leaders – there are countless ways to contribute to the success of the sportspeople at the park.

In this way Watersley Sports & Talent Park will serve as a model of social innovation and an example of how the integrated society can succeed.

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