Watersley Sports & Talent Park offers a wide range of accommodation types. In addition to group residences for teams, individual top-level sportspeople can stay at the ‘Mixed House’. Watersley Sports & Talent Park also offers short-stay accommodation for sportspeople who want to take advantage of the park’s excellent facilities. All accommodation is designed to meet the needs of teams and individual sportspeople who want to work on developing their abilities in an environment with other dedicated sportspeople.

Numerous educational institutions can be found in the vicinity of Watersley Sports & Talent Park, so in addition to the development of their sporting skills, sportspeople can also work on their social and academic development. General, pre-vocational, and pre-university secondary education is available at the Trevanium school group and the DaCapo College. Leeuwenborgh Regional Training Centre provides senior secondary vocational education, and Zuyd University of Applied Sciences and Fontys University of Applied Sciences offer higher education. All these educational institutes are within cycling distance of Watersley, but they can also easily be reached by public transport.

The universities in Maastricht, Aachen, Liège, and Hasselt can be reached within thirty minutes. These universities offer educational programmes where the language of instruction is Dutch, German, French, or English.

Watersley Plaza and Bodega
The events building Watersley Plaza is available for hosting meetings, presentations, team discussions, and other activities for large groups. Watersley Plaza can host events for up to 500 people. In the Bodega, directly next to the events building, a professional team can prepare meals which are perfectly suited to the specific nutritional needs of top-level sportspeople. If you want to work or hold meetings, with or without your team, in a peaceful environment, it is also possible to rent private offices in Watersley Plaza.

Health care and training
In addition to all the facilities offered by Sportzone Limburg, the Watersley Sports & Talent Park grounds also offer extensive training facilities. We have a large gymnasium and facilities for strength training, and it is also possible to work with a number of physiotherapists and massage therapists.

Mountain biking track
The Watersley Sports & Talent Park grounds include a challenging mountain biking track which can be used for training or races. It has plenty of height changes, various surfaces, and tricky corners, making it an outstanding track for training. There is also room for the track to be expanded in the future.

A sand track suitable for training has also been created close to the mountain biking track.


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